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Truncated Icosahedron

Truncated Icosahedron, 2018. Fiber Space Gallery. Photo:

Truncated Icosahedron – a monumental, soft sculptural where the shape and structure of football meets textile craftsmanship and the marvelous world of geometry.

In the project Truncated Icosahedron, the artists Inger Bergström and Lotte Nilsson Välimaa continue their artistic collaboration by with once again investigating a specific place and context through concept and materiality.

The artists’ first common experience when embarking on the project was as follows: “We pictured Fiberspace Gallery illuminated a winter evening in the surrounding evening dusk, bright and exposed, bathing in light. An apparently impossible act manifested itself in our heads – the idea of bringing in a monumental construction in the bare room. Like a ship in a bottle. Our thoughts and minds are now busy solving the Gordian knot – where can we find the simple but drastic solution?”.

The installation consist of a monumental soft sculpture, sound by Sven Blume, technology that makes the sculpture interact with sound by Christian Partos.

Truncated Icosahedron was first shown at Fiberspace Gallery, November 2018. An updated version of the installation will be shown at SOFT Galleri in Oslo, June – August 2020. Postponed until 2021!

photo: Jungiea Hung

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