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This artist’s book is a wonderful travel into the artistic practise of Inger Bergström
/// Available at Konst-ig, Åsögatan 124, Stockholm or from

Her works are also scrutinies, semiotic explorations of what can be communicated, and the artistic strategies that make this communication possible. But above all, they are totalities, interactions between the visual and the material, the intellectual and the corporeal. They are worlds where we can lose ourselves. – from Håkan Nilsson’s text

Space Floating Through My Eyes is an artist’s book that, in text and images, revolves around Inger Bergström’s artistic practice. The designer Sanna Haverinen has created a visual form consisting of an image insert and a text insert, enclosed in a double-sided screen print.

The art historian and writer Håkan Nilsson has contributed the text Ambiguous Change – Changing Ambiguity about Inger Bergström’s work. With a focus on current works, he reflects on the visual and the material, the intellectual and the bodily, find an interaction.

The text Fabric and Fabrication is based on a conversation between the philosopher Jonna Hjertström Lappalainen and Inger Bergström. Here, the essence of the making is in the center, what does it mean that the manufacturing itself, how it is made, becomes pronouncedly visible in a work?

There’s a love-hate relationship to fabrics that I use. Working with a material such as textile gives rise to specific kinds of resistance in itself. When you fold, stitch fabrics together, they snag and squeak. I find that compelling. I don’t mind if that battle is visible.
extract from the text, Inger Bergström

Fiberspace: Art, Craft + Design 2015-2020

The project Truncated Icosahedron by Inger Bergström & Lotte Nilsson Välimaa is represented in this new book published by Fiberspace Gallery in Stockholm.



Other writers/printed matters…

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