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: att beskriva det konstnärliga görandet

/ This master’s thesis has the form of a scientific essay. Its purpose is to try to make visible what a visually artistic process is, investigate how it may be described and in what way it is based on knowledge. The first part of the essay is based on a story in which an artistic process is described and the second part on interviews with three active artists. The story and the interviews together make up the empirical material of the investigation and based on this, different themes are reflected and discussed. A theoretical perspective here is the conceptual world of philosopher John Dewey, in which experience, action and doing are important aspects. The paper tries to break down expectations regarding what an artistic process is, such as a mere expression of personality or a direct expression of emotions. Instead, the artistic performance is brought forward as something which to a great extent is based on skill and acquired knowledge. The artistic process is described as having an elusive character and therefore the last part of the essay is also dedicated to discussing the relevance of the purpose. Here are presented phrasings by other artistic practitioners and researchers’ in regards to artistic processes. Questions are asked regarding what happens when knowledge concepts are used to describe an artistic process, and the relationship between the artistic practice and the textual is touched upon.

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