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Breaking the Finish, Almgrens Sidenväveri

Installation by Inger Bergström & Lotte Nilsson Välimaa 2015
/ Sound: Sven Blume /

In the room called The Finish (Appreturen) one finds devices and equipments for various kinds of finishing or glazing of completed textiles. Moiré used to be an attractive kind, in which the surface of the cloth gained a tabby look, through an extensive procedure involving pleating and pressing.

The artists have placed two layers of thin black cloth in each window. The fans create a movement so that an everchanging moiré effect stands forth. The light and attention is directed towards details in the room. The sound moves us in time:

                      There is a break in the finishing. For a moment the clatter ceases. The machines stop. The hot plates at the big moiré press make time itself cool down. A bag of sandwich and some herring is fetched, some coffee is slurped, sounds can be heard from the street outside.

photo: Kenneth Pils


View video by Sven Blume.

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